Death of Dr. Paisley

The Session of Crossgar Church issued this statement which we were not able to get on the site immediately since it was being upgraded.


Statement on the death of Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley by the Minister, Session and Congregation of Crossgar Free Presbyterian Church

It was with deep sadness that the congregation of Crossgar Free Presbyterian Church learned of the death of their former Moderator and friend Dr. Paisley.

The history of Dr. Paisley and the congregation in Crossgar is deeply entwined. When the Committee of the Crossgar Mission Hall approached the 24-year–old Rev. Ian Paisley to determine whether he would conduct a gospel campaign in the town it was not anticipated what the result would be. As a result of the controversy that ensued when the Down Presbytery banned the mission in which 94 people professed faith in Christ, Crossgar Free Presbyterian Church came into being and from that the Free Presbyterian denomination. It is the memory of the preaching of Dr. Paisley and the souls that were saved under his ministry that will live on in the minds of the people of Crossgar. Dr. Paisley was above all a preacher of the word, a man of prayer and someone who had a love for the souls of men and women.

We are grateful that through Dr. Paisley’s faithful and anointed preaching of God’s Word and the stand he took for Christ’s cause, the Spirit of God raised a Biblical witness against apostasy from Christ. And we thank the Lord that this witness for truth continues under the blessing of God to this day.

We would like to pass on our sympathy to Dr. Paisley’s wife, Baroness Paisley and to Dr. Paisley’s sons and daughters. In their time of deepest loss, when their hearts are broken and grief-stricken, we assure them of our prayerful support.

On behalf of the Session and congregation of Crossgar Free Presbyterian Church


Rev. Gordon Dane (Minister)

Mr Charles Gill (Clerk of Session)